OCSI provides a range of technical services throughout the project life cycle
including consulting, design, development, and implementation.

Organizational Computer Solutions, Inc.,  was founded May 1, 1998 by Kerry
Hefley.  Kerry graduated from John Brown University in 1998 with a Bachelor
of Science in Organizational Management.  He transferred to JBU from the
University of Central Arkansas where he completed the major for a BA in
Business Computer Science.  In 1999 Kerry received an MA in Ministry, from
John Brown University.
, INC.
Examples of OCSI projects:

  • Research and development for an
    international wholesaler of wood products
    located in North America (sales, distribution,

  • Implementation of new enterprise system for a
    national meat processor operating under 35
    brands and distributing across the United
    States (production, sales, and distribution).

  • Automation and distribution of tasks of
    operations department.  At the time this was
    the 3rd largest, by bed count, regional
    medical center in Arkansas (medical systems
Kerry Hefley began his IT experience in
1982, in operations, processing 35 banks
nightly.  In 1985 he became an RPG
programmer progressing with the
language through RPGII, RPGIII,
RPGIV/ILE, and currently RPG free-
format as it has evolved on the System
3x, AS/400, iSeries platforms as well as
Cobol on the IBM mainframe platform.  
This experience includes :
  • 13 years in the banking
    software industry designing,
    developing, installing,
    implementing, and training of
    software communicating  and
    processing electronic financial
    transactions originated at ATMs
    (Automated Teller Machines)
    and POS (point of sale )
  • 7 years in enterprise systems
    responsible for production,
    distribution, and accounting in
    the lumber industry, plastic
    fittings and piping industry, and
    meat packing industry.
  • In 2003 Kerry was responsible
    for automating and distributing
    the operations of a
    Southeastern Arkansas Regional
    Medical Facility.     
May 1, 2008, OCSI
celebrated its 10 year